Why ACT?

ACT, Inc., is an international nonprofit corporation dedicated to helping people achieve education and workplace success. Founded in 1959, ACT is best known for the ACT® university admissions test taken by millions of university-bound students each year. Find out more here.

The ACT® test is the leading university admission test for students planning to continue their education in the United States and around the world. The test is accepted by all US universities and hundreds of international universities for admissions purposes.

The ACT contains four multiple-choice tests (English, reading, math, and science) and an optional writing test. The test is offered to students outside the United States in computer-based format, which allows for quicker scoring (2 to 3 business days) and more testing opportunities (seven testing windows per year, Fridays and Saturdays, mornings and afternoons).

ACT is also well known for the Global Assessment Certificate™ (GAC) program, an internationally recognized preparation program for students who do not speak English as a first language. The GAC provides students with the academic knowledge, independent learning skills, English language skills and confidence to enter and successfully complete a bachelor’s degree at university.