Learn how to learn: How students can achieve their best success in the classroom

Developing good habits in the classroom now will make a huge difference when students get to university. This is the time for students to improve their study habits and classroom skills. Encourage your students to follow these tips, which will help them get more out of the classroom experience!

  • Join in on class discussions. Don’t sit quietly in the back of the room—become engaged in the classroom.
  • Always ask questions if you don’t understand something. Remember: if you didn’t understand it, there is a good chance others didn’t understand it either.
  • Keep up with class assignments. Keep a checklist of when they’re due—or finish them before the due date.
  • Check for phone apps or purchase a planner book to remind you about deadlines, assignments, and tests.
  • Always ask for help when you are falling behind on turning in assignments. Remember not to make excuses, but don’t be afraid to approach your instructor about why you are not caught up with your coursework.
  • Look for ways to sharpen your basic skills in every class. Practice good writing when working on a paper for science. Use your math skills when researching statistics for a history report.
  • If you haven’t already, learn good typing or keyboarding skills. You will need these skills in nearly every job.
  • Pay close attention when the instructor is talking.
  • Take good and thorough notes in class.
  • Use and practice good grammar skills. Learn to proofread, correct, and rewrite your written work.
  • Develop good test-taking skills. Remember to read the whole question before answering a question. Leave time to double-check your answers before turning in your test to the instructor.

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