Should I retest?

Many students choose to take a university admissions exam more than once to achieve their desired scores. One report by ACT showed by more than half of students increased their ACT Composite score by taking the test a second time.

Here are some reasons to consider taking a university admissions test again after your first time:

  • If you had any problems during the test. Just like any other day, things can go wrong during test day. Maybe you arrived at the test center later than planned. Maybe you didn’t fully understand test directions before the test started. If test day didn’t go as planned, you probably didn’t perform the best on your test.
  • You weren’t feeling your best on test day. Besides being uncomfortable, maybe you were battling illness and it became a distraction. Try again when you can think clearly and fully focus on the task at hand.
  • You didn’t feel prepared. Did the test date sneak up on you? Sometimes students register for the test with the intention of using test prep tools or free practice tests before test day, but that didn’t happen. Make a commitment to improving your score by taking time to prepare yourself for the testing experience.
  • You were nervous. Students put a lot of pressure on themselves to achieve a high score because there is a lot at stake. Don’t let test anxiety get in the way of the score you deserve. The second time you test, you will know what to expect and, hopefully, be more comfortable in the testing environment.
  • You know you can do better. If your score didn’t match the one you expected to achieve, it might be worth another try.
  • You have learned more since test day. Since taking the test, you have continued to learn more in school, especially if you took the test a year prior. The more knowledge you carry, the more prepared you will be for the test!

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