Introducing ACT Rapid Review: Affordable live and on-demand test prep

Students now have more online learning resources to help them increase their academic readiness with the introduction of ACT® Rapid Review™ by Kaplan.

ACT Rapid Review by Kaplan is a suite of products offering all the benefits of livestreaming instruction and a comprehensive video library. Students can drop into a live virtual classroom or watch recorded video sessions, all taught by expert instructors.

ACT Rapid Review offers three options to fit students’ unique needs and learning styles:

  • ACT® Rapid Review™ Live provides the last-minute content focus students need to be ready on test day, with access to a virtual classroom and live teaching from expert instructors.
  • ACT® Rapid Review™ On Demand features a video archive where students can access a library of top-quality recorded instruction during the months leading up to test day.
  • ACT Rapid Review—All Access bundles the live and archived video offerings of ACT Rapid Review Live and ACT Rapid Review On Demand.

Live, On Demand and All Access offerings are available to all other test takers for $40 to $99.

Kaplan Test Prep’s expert teachers will provide instruction for all courses in the suite. In addition, ACT will continue to offer ACT Online Prep to all students.

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